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The Good Old Online Tech Necessities

by Unallocated Author
Online PDF Services

Human beings are very dependent beings. Even though we think we are independent, we still need certain things in order to get us by the day. It is a normal trait that we all have to deal with because if we don’t, we will not be able to release our full potential and just fade away into the dust. Like most ancient civilizations, we continue to search for improvement and new ways of getting what we think is best suited for our survival. That is the beauty of the human spirit. Never giving up. Always saying no to surrender.

The best thing that I have learned in recent years is the principle of “Ubuntu”, which means always improve what is already better. Some of you may ask why improve on something that’s already achieve greatness? Isn’t redundant? Isn’t it illogical? For lazy and close minded people, the answer is already obvious but if you are one of those diligent and confident people looking for the best possible way to success, then you’ll think otherwise.

With advancements in high speed internet, more and more companies are leaning towards online “web based” applications. By replacing the traditional download application, you as the user are able to utilize these applications without sacrificing processing power on your computer. Streamlining programs through various cloud services will soon become the norm and it can be a bit daunting to choose the right one.

Here are 3 necessary online tools that you should use with your computer in order to make your life more productive and secure. Plus, it will give you a technological edge at home or in the office.

  1. Online PDF Services

    Online PDF Services

    Online PDF Services

There are many online services which allow you to convert and create PDFs, sites like PDF Merge, doctopdf or Soda PDFs online PDF creator. These sites all provide a similar service however our preferred site is Soda PDF. With the free

account you are able to create, convert and store PDFs online. This provides you the freedom to access your files from anywhere from any device! What big help for companies that have lots of files to record and for clerks who have tons of things to report. This is indeed a life saver.


  1. Online Image Editing Services

 Various online services provide image editing but which ones are reliable? Pixlr.com provides an excellent online image editing tool that’s easy to use and takes up very little processing power on your PC. It allows you to choose an image from either your computer or create a new image right from the site. Pixlr is also available as an app for IOS and Android.


  1. Online Video Editing Services

Finding an online service to edit video is not an easy task. To edit videos, it requires a lot of processing power from a powerful computer. Most free online video editing services won’t be able to offer you many features. However, one of the most beloved sites of our generation has come up with a way to edit videos online without the need for a 2000$ computer. YouTube has created an editor that anyone can use. You can now edit videos for free and post them directly to YouTube and watch them go viral!

These 3 tools will be the necessities that you’ll need in order to be more productive in your work area or business. They’re just a click away from being a part of your life!

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