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IOS Security Hole Allows Emulator Games WITHOUT Jailbreak

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iOS security hole Allows Play Nintendo Games Using Emulators

If you are a retro games lover and want to play them your iPhone, there is now an IOS security hole in version 8 which makes it possible for you to play classic SNES games on your iPhone, without the need to jailbreak your Apple devices.
Since Apple doesn’t allow emulators on the App Store for copyright reasons, making it difficult to install third-party emulators and other unapproved applications.
But, the latest upcoming beta version iOS 8.1 patched the famous “Date Trick” that had allowed iOS emulator makers to bypass App Store restrictions and run unofficial emulators on iPhones and iPads.
The loophole known as the “Date Trick,” found by Dario Sepulveda of the GBA4iOS team, is currently being used in the wild by the makers of emulators like GBA4iOS and SNES emulator since last year, allowing iOS users to downloaded and installed unapproved apps through the built-in Safari browser.

A video of the IOS security hole is shown below

Here’s how to utilise this IOS security hole

  • On your iOS 8 device, open up the Safari browser and Go to iEmulators.com
  • Go to the Apps in the top tabs, swipe down to SiOS: A SNES emulator, and tap “Install”.
  • Go to Settings > General > Date and Time.
  • Toggle Automatically Set to OFF, and manually set your date to two months back.
  • Once you’ve set the date two months back, retry installation.
  • When installation finishes, open SiOS app and tap Trust when the popup asks.
  • Go back to Settings and under General find the Date and Time again and toggle “Automatic” back on.
  • After the installation of the emulator, now it’s time to grab the ROMs and get your old-school gaming on! In order to Find Games for the SiOS Super Nintendo Emulator on iPhone follow some simple guidelines given below:
  • Go to CoolRoms (Super Nintendo Section) and select a ROM.
  • Select ‘Download Now’ and then select ‘Open in SiOS’ and the ROM will save in the SiOS app.
  • Go into SiOS and select the desired ROM.Now start playing and Enjoy your favorite game. You can also watch the video demonstration below, which will help you to install emulator on your iPhones and iPads.


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