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Google+ Is Down , Calendar, Hangout, G-Mail In Problem – October 22 (Fixed)

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“There was an error. Please try again later. That’s all we know,” reads the error page.

According to news in Softpedia, people  are flooding on Twitter with their complaints about their inability to log into Google+  or with the page loading partially, in a broken manner. Reports are coming in from all people form the world.

Google’s Apps Status Dashboard does not listed the social network, so we can’t see anything official from Google on this particular page where the company lists any outages of its services.

Temporary Error 500 is perhaps the most common error message that we all encounter on the Internet. This usually indicates an Internal Server Error; they appear when the server encounters unexpected conditions that prevents it from fulfilling the request. The bad part is that when this error code is displayed, the servers can’t be more specific on what the exact problem affecting it is.

Google’s team of experts is certainly already working on fixing things since the company never sits around when outages occur.

Update: Google+ seems to be slowly gaining back its functionality. While the page will load the graphics, there are things that aren’t working properly. When trying to access the groups of people one follows, Google+ returns a page that holds no posts from these individuals.

Updates: Other Google products are also having some difficulties. G-mail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Drive, Groups and even the Admin console are also facing issues. Service has been restored for most users, but problems still exist for others.

Updates:It seems like Google’s service are back in working order, including Google+, Hangouts and G-mail. The disruptions were short-lived this time around, although they did annoy plenty of people who were hoping to be able to use the services.

Google hasn’t come out and said what the issue that took down so many of its services has been, but at the last every thing is back working pretty quick not more than few hours to fix this issue.

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