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What Is Tor ? And Should I Need To Use It ?

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What is Tor ?

Tor is a free software program that you load onto your computer (like a browser) that hides your IP address every time you send or request data on the Internet. The process is layered with heavy-duty encryption, which means your data is layered with privacy protection.

Then there’s the route your data takes as it travels to its destination: Tor will bounce your Internet requests and data through a vast and extensive network of relays (servers) around the world. That data path is never the same, because Tor uses up to 5,000 Tor relays to send your data request. Think of it as a huge network of “hidden” servers that will keep your online identity (meaning your IP address) and your location invisible.

Tor has extreme value because it can work with your website browser, remote log-in applications and even with instant-messaging software. Tor is registered as a nonprofit company, so they run mainly on donations and reliance on the hope that people will become a relay to their network.

Uses of Tor

By using Tor, websites will no longer be able to track the physical location of your IP address or what you have been looking at online…and neither will any interested organizations that may want to monitor someone’s Internet activity—meaning law enforcement or government security agencies. Tor is like a proxy on steroids.

How it Works ?

Here is a video link of Tor: How Tor Works – A ComputeCycle Deep Dive

Were I can get Tor

Download Link :- Torproject.org

Supports: Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Does Tor makes our browsing slow ?

Tor is slower than a regular Internet connection. However, the Tor developers have been doing a lot of hard work to make the Tor network faster. And it is faster today than ever before. One of the best things that can be done to speed up the Tor network is to create more relays. If you would like to contribute to making the Tor network faster, you can check out our Tor Challenge

Is Tor secure?

Security and anonymity go hand in hand on the Internet. As an online anonymizer, Tor was designed to be secure.

However, documents leaked by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden show that the NSA has tried to crack, infiltrate or weaken any encryption that the agency does not itself control.

In light of this news, nearly all independent encryption and online communication services have become suspect, including Tor.

 How To Install Tor?

Here is the installation link :- Tor browser 

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shorkot city February 24, 2015 - 4:14 pm

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Some Random November 14, 2014 - 2:33 pm

I heard something about tor no longer being functional. Some crazy tin foil hat news group that hasn’t got any story wholly, but they tend to get the premise. Is tor compromised?

RandomDude2 February 23, 2015 - 12:31 pm

No, i think the story was about the founder of “silkroad”, the ‘illegal’ store owner, getting caught. As far as I know, Tor still works wonders. Just have to be careful when downloading stuff … or the whole fact, that some random guy might launch a MITM (Man-in-the-middle attack) on you.

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