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Emails Sent With Malware – Amazon

by Unallocated Author

Amazon hitting the inbox of unsuspecting users all over the world using Email.This email has been masqueraded as an order notification message from the famed marketplace Amazon.com.

In this email, the users are thanked for placing order at Amazon and  are informed that their order details can be viewed by opening the attached file.The attached .zip file also doesn’t contain the details of the order, as the email claims.


Once opened, the .zip file displays a .exe file and when or if the user runs this file, a Trojan is instantly installed on the computer system.It is a scam email sent by attackers with malicious intentions and not by Amazon services.

Trojans can steal personal and financial data such as login details of the user from the compromised device. The virus instantly transmits the data to hackers waiting online.One someone downloads and views it then hackers can easy hack into the users system and take control of the system fully.This isn’t the first time Amazon’s name has been used by hackers in implementing malware attacks

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