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Top 5 Android Emulator To Run Your Android Apps On Pc

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This post will tell you about top 5 Android Emulator where you can run your Android App on PC.

Blue Stacks

BlueStacks is free and currently the best Android Emulator which helps you to run your android apps and games on PC and Laptop either on Windows or Mac. This is not a replacement of Android Mobile but still this is just a easy solution to run android apps on PC without your Mobile. This app player helps you to run lot of Android apps on PC with good performance.

Android x86

Android-x86 helps you to run Android mobile operating system on devices which are used by the AMD and Intelx86 Processors. But legally few devices are supporting now like Lenovo, Viewsonic ViewPad 10, ThinkPad x61 and few more. But you can install Android-x86 using Virtual Machine. Using this you can run your android apps without changing you operating system ( Windows or Mac OS ) on Virtual Machine

Android SDK Virtual Mobile Device Emulator

Android SDK ( The term SDK means Software Develpment Kit ) Android Emulator is also a part of the Android SDK which is officially released by Google to run Android Mobile Operating System on a window (Virtual Mobile Box) of your existing computer. It is very help full for the Android app developers to test the app before they release it or without using a physical device but the problem is, it makes the work slow than any other device or emulator.


GenyMotion is another advance android emulator which is alternative to BlueStacks. GenyMotion has few advanced features like OpenGL, and hardware aceleration support. Its built on the x86 Architecture and so it is faster as compared to BlueStacks.


YouWave runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit. It has best feature that enables the user to play multiplayer online games on YouWave Emulator with Retractable control panel  and Volume control button

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Anonymous March 22, 2016 - 7:21 pm

MeMU is better than all of these

Hasan March 22, 2016 - 12:36 pm

Andy Emulator ???

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