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Free Software For Windows Might Help You To Stop Smoking

by Unallocated Author

Every one in this world care about their health. Many people are addicted to smoking even when they know there is no benefit to smoke.

Methods To Quit Smoking

Step 1 : Download, install and run StopBuddy

Step 2 : Fill up the requested details in the software. Make sure you be honest and you don’t cheat so that things will go smoothly.

Step 3 : After the entries, close the software and then you can carry on your work. Each time you open you computer or your Laptop you need to check the software and it will ask you whether you smoked or not so that the status can be updated.

Extra Features

Doctor : When you click the doctor icon it will show you body monitor, disease stats, withdrawal symptoms and your body weight.

Professor : This icon contains information about the problems that can show up if you smoke

Coach : This is personal level. This tab contains information on how to control anger, stress, bored and lot more.

Over all this software is really excellent for people wanna quit smoking.

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