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Free Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives

by Unallocated Author

Apart from Windows default photo viewing application there are many different softwares to view photos. WindowsPhotoViewer is basic management doesn’t require anything.

In this list we will show the list of alternatives for Windows Photo Viewer.


IrfanViewer is designed for beginners and for professionals. IrfanViewer supports all most all file formats ( here is the list of formats ) with multi language support. It is one of the great alternative for Windows Photo Viewer.

Download Link: IrfanViewer  (1.8MB)


Google Picasa is an image viewer and image editing software, with photo sharing website option. Supports for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X. For Linux

Download Link: Google Picasa (16.5MB)


FastStone Image Viewer is a tool you can use to view, edit, convert images. This software supports common image formats like JPEG,GIF,PNG,BMP,TIFF and PSD it can also save images in PDF format.

Download Link: FastStone (Free : 2.80MB, Paid : 20MB)


XnView software is available on PC and Mobiles and even for developers. It is a free photo editor, manager and viewer. The software supports over 400 image formats. The software runs on Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux systems

Download Link: XnViewer

Sysygy Image Viewer

SysygyImageViewer is an excellent software to view your images in 3D gallery. This software will take you to a new level of viewing your photos, it’s a fun and relaxing method to enjoy photos of any type.

Download Link: SysygyImageViewer ( 36.1MB)

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