More Than 4,900 Malware Threats Discovered Every Day On Android

Android has become most famous operating system in the mobile world. More than 61% of the world mobile users are using android operating system connected to internet.

Cybercriminals take advantage for this and use their effort to create new malware that can be used on users to steal their data.

According to a security company G DATA “In the first quarter of 2015, there were 440,267 new malware samples designed for Google’s mobile platform, which translates into an avalanche of about 4,900 new threats emerging on a daily basis.”

About 4,900 new threats popup everyday which also can be calculated as, new threat is discovered every 17.6 seconds.



The experts says that, at least 50% for the malware is designed to steal users money, and most popular are banking Trojans and SMS Trojans.


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