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One thought on “How To Take Backup Of Your Facebook Profile

  • October 11, 2015 at 1:58 am

    On this facebook “profile report” 100 page report thing, I ordered it twice within like a month, two vastly differeny reports showed up and had obviously been tampered with, naming one ex, as significant in each report and leaving another out entirely both times. It listed my ” hobbies” as two borderline illegal activities out of maybe going to a page of each once or twice, thpugh I had a thousand plus likes. These had obviously beem tampered with to insult and frighten me before I even got to “unzip” the information. I sure would love some advice but it seems that all correspondences with anyone from Applecare to msn to facebook is intercepted by some intermediary person or persons. I’ve reported to legal officials and that did me no kind of good. Help?


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