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Web.com Hit by Credit Card Breach

by Unallocated Author

Web.com Florida-based web hosting company, on Tuesday the company announced that it was under data breach and the user credentials of 93,000 customers was accessed.

According to security-faqs, “Web.com discovered an unauthorized breach of one of our computer systems on August 13, 2015.”

The company also added that “It has very strong and sophisticated security measures in place to protect our computer systems and we regularly review and update our security protocols.”

User name, address and credit card information was breached, but credit card validation codes were not compromised.

The company has 3.3 million customers and own two other company named register.com and Network solutions. The two other company’s were not affect by this data breach.

Web.com suggest their customers to have a close eye on their credit/debit cards that you may have used with Web.com

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