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Founder Of This Company Makes $1,000 a Week Waiting in Line

by Unallocated Author

Are you serious ? What are you talking about ? Do people get paid for waiting in line in their places ? and the answer is YES!

Robert Samuels, founder of Same Ole Line Dudes company makes $1,000 a week standing/sitting in line in their place. He has a team for waiting in line.

According to Salon,” Robert Samuels made $1,000 in just 48 hours, waiting in line for an iPhone 6s”.

He charge $25 for waiting in line for an hour and then $10 for each additional half an hour. Waiting in line is really annoying, especially if the weather is bad.

“Whether it’s iPhones, the latest Air Jordans, or the hottest Broadway tix in town, Same Ole Line Dudes, understands your wants & needs and is here to help.”

“We even go above and beyond with our Delivereach premium service by not just waiting, but including purchase & delivery and even shipping if you’re out of state!” reads the business’s description.

According to a employee in Same Ole Line Dudes says that,”I’ve sat outside in rain, sleet, snow, hot weather, very freezing cold weather”

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