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Now You Can Buy New Encryption Cracking Tools From Hacking Team

by Unallocated Author

According to Vice,  Italian company, Hacking Team that sells hacking tools and softwares to governments and enterprises, now selling encryption cracking tools via mails.

Here is a part of email from Hacking Team says:

“Most [law enforcement agencies] in the US and abroad will become ‘blind,’ they will ‘go dark:’ they will be simply be [sic] unable to fight vicious phenomena such as terrorism. Only the private companies can help here, we are one of them.” “It is crystal clear that the present American administration does not have the stomach to oppose the American IT conglomerates and to approve unpopular, yet totally necessary regulations.”

This email went live on October 19th, 4 months after the company’s servers are breached, over 400GB of data stole and dumped on internet.

400GB of data contained hacking tools, email list of customers and their purchases, spyware tools, zero-day exploits and source coe of the company’s main product RCS ( Remote Control System) version 9.

After data breach, the company CEO account that his team has already started work on RCS v10.

Conclusion: The new tools has the ability for governments to crack encrypted files and Web traffic.

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