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Netflix now has 75 million subscribers

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Netflix recently released it Q4 earnings of 2015, showing a record of 5.59 million new subscribers ( from October), $0.10 in earnings per share, and $1.67 billion in revenue.

Across 190 countries, Netflix has more than 75 million subscribers. During the last three months of 2015 alone, Netflix added 5.59 million new subscribers, setting a quarterly record in the process.

Out of 5.59 million new subscribers, 1.56 million of those subscribers came from the United States while 4.04 million originated overseas.

Even Kim Kardashian has opened Netflix account.

According to Netflix CEO said in a statement that, “We think we’ll grow by over 6 million members in Q1 given our expansion of Netflix to virtually everywhere but China”

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Kabir Khan January 21, 2016 - 3:19 am

Great to know that Netflix has such users.

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