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Skype Finally Hides User’s IP Address

by Unallocated Author

The Microsoft-owned chat service Skype will now start hiding user’s IP addresses by default in the latest update.Before Skype user’s IP address was not hidden before which made hackers easily obtain your IP address and target your computer.

This update is particularly important for gamers and streamers during their game sessions, who struggle most of the time to avoid distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks as their opponents can simply check their Skype ID and utilize resolver services to flood it with traffic. By this beating gamers offline.

The update came following a number of complaints received by the company from Skype users about allegedly being blackmailed or harassed online by unidentified users.

“This measure will help prevent individuals from obtaining a Skype ID and resolving to an IP address,” the Skype team wrote in a blog post. The move is intended to prevent online harassment in the gaming community specifically, it added .


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