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Link That Crashes Your iPhone

by Unallocated Author

Random Twitter users are passing around a link-crashsafari.com, a website that immediately crashes iPhones and iPads. It runs a javascript code that overloads the users’s address bar with an infinite series of numbers. The link will also cause Chrome to crash on Android and Windows PC.

But Mikko Hypponen, the chief research officer at security firm F-Secure, believes that crashsafari.com and an identical site at crashchrome.com actually exploit browser’s history feature to kill them on command. “The problem is that it creates thousands of history entries”, he added.


Mikko says that users may experience their phone crashing repeatedly as Safari reloads and then tries to visit the same URL again and again. He suggests to put the phone in airplane mode to stop the cycle. Though this link doesn’t cause any other harm apart from restarting your device .

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