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16 Raspberry Pi Zero Cluster On Single Board

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A Japanese startup company called Idein is developing a Raspberry Pi module called Actbulb for applications using computational sensing and data analysis.

16 Raspberry Pi Zero boards can be plugged in this board. And 32 micro USB ports for power and data, two for each Raspberry Pi Zero board.

  • 16 USB type A ports
  • 16 Ethernet interfaces.

According to CEO & founder of Idein, Koichi Nakamura, said that,”We are making a sensing device that uses Raspberry Pi compute module. So we need many Pi’s for the development and tests. Since we will use Pi’s GPU for image processing, deep learning, etc.”

“We need real Pis but not just Linux machines. Another reason. It can be used for flashing eMMCs of our devices via USB ports when we have to do that by ourselves.”

At present the boards are not available for sale. The company is making more, but they will only sell one per customer for now due to high demand on these boards.


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