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How to make sure your Netflix account is safe

by Unallocated Author

According to Netflix they are happy for accounts to be shared with your friends and family but the ability to have extra people watching using your log in details isn’t safe.

Hackers are selling them online by stealing the users information allowing complete access to strangers so that they can watch Netflix for free. It is sold online for less £1 on the black market with Netflix users left completely unaware that they are paying for someone random people to watch movies online.

But now there is a simple method to check what’s been going on with your Netflix account.

  • Head to your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen after launching Netflix in your computer or tablet. Click this and tap the button Your Account .
  • Then scroll down to Viewing Activity in the My Profiles section where it will display the list of shows u have recently viewed.
  • Finally click on See recent account access to view where your Netflix log in has been used. This menu shows the details on when, where and on what device your account was accessed through.

If you find unknown users have accessed your account then select the Sign out of all devices option. By this it logs you out of all the devices you have signed in on which will also log out the hackers too.Then You can then change your password and block any future attacks.

It is advised that users should keep checking their logs often to ensure their account is safe and secure.

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