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“Netflix and chill” room In New York City Is Available For $400

by Unallocated Author

Now you can rent a “Netflix and chill” room on Airbnb in New York City for $400. This apartment is outfitted with a Netflix branded be. This large bed is covered with custom-made Netflix sheets which costs $100. Next to the bed is a mini-fridge stocked with champagne and liquor. It also contains a high-def projector hooked up to Netflix with an Apple TV with speakers around the bed.


It has a large bathroom with a marble finish. One can also enjoy the breathtaking view of Manhattan with rooftop access in there. The Airbnb listing does come with a very strict house rule: no extra guests, as “Netflix and Chill” is exclusively for two people at a time.

They experience something different than just going to a hotel. It’s bringing a part of the Internet to a real life experience”, said Tom Galle who collaborated with Art404 on the apartment to New York Daily News. As of right now the room is only available to rent on Saturday nights.


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