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New Facebook Phishing Scam Targeting Users Using Pornographic Images

by Unallocated Author

New Facebook phishing scam has been found which is targeting users and stealing their login data and much more. Phishing scams are very usual now that every month there are 2-3 scam been created by the cyber criminals.

Three main reasons behind cyber criminals using this phishing scams :

1. To steal users login details and other personal details.
2. To get some likes on their Facebook page.
3. To earn money through the ads they have placed in their link.

How These Scams Are Promoted Usually?

First the scammers will start posting a link in the comments section of several Facebook groups with a large thumbnail of a nude girl and that’s not all, to make it look like a legit link they also mention that video already got hundreds of comments, shares and thousands of views too.

Below is the image of two recent scams on some Facebook page which comes in form of a video. Clicking on these video will take you to a phishing site.


Two Possible Ways To Get Scammed

1. Clicking on the so called play button will automatic opens a tab on the user’s browser asking them to login with their Facebook login email or phone and password. After logging in all the entered details are stolen by the scammers and also they will be redirected to an online survey website asking them a bunch of question and eventually congratulating them on completing the survey.


2. Other possible way is that the users get redirected to another website which downloads fake version of flash player on their device. It’s still unclear if the downloaded file is infected with a malware or adware, however users have everything to lose.

So always beware of such scams and never login your Facebook account in any other link than the official link, you can also use the official app always to be away from these scams.

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