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Ghost Squad Hackers Defaced 12 Afghan Government Websites

by Unallocated Author

Famous online Hacktivism group Ghost Squad Hackers (GSH) has recently defaced 12 websites that belong to the Afghan government on Thursday, September 1. 2016.
The GSH used a vulnerability common to hack all these servers to they made the  websites show an anti-government message.

The defacement appeared on the websites belonging to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations, the Ministry of Defense, and the Afghan Attorney General’s Office.

The message also appeared on the website of the Afghan Cart Company, Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority,  the Afghan Geodesy, Afghanistan Railway Authority, and Cartography Head Office, the Balkh Governor Office, and two domains we couldn’t track down to which agency they belonged (aais.gov.af and arg.gov.af).

Acording to Softpedia, who  reached out to GSH, the following statement reads their intemtions and motives:

  Because of Afghan government relation to drug ties with United States and the treatment they are giving their people, this attack was a personal attack from one of our members, we were sought out also by their own people.  


Last week, the Ghost Squad Hackers also managed to take down the websites of the Bank of Israel and the Prime Minister’s Office.

For all defacements, mirrors are now available at Zone-H portal:



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