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Do you cover your webcam? Privacy is important

by Unallocated Author

Privacy is important. If your webcam gets hijacked, hackers can record you with your notice. It’s good to cover your webcam with small sticker on it to stop the CIA reading your brainwaves.


Hackers are really interested in spying upon others and steal information. They like to record a video footage about you from your computer without your permission and blackmail you for money or something else.

Short video that will explain you why you should cover your webcam

Make sure you run up-to data anti-virus software that help’s you to detect any malware in your computer.

  • Suggested anti-virus software: Kaspersky Internet Security



Photo of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with covered webcam

If you are looking for some good webcam covers then check out this link from amazon.com.

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