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How to Install Android on Your PC With Remix OS 3.0

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Want  to install Android on your PC ? the best and practical way to go is to install remix OS on your device and here is how you can do so.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Jide recommends a system with the following specifications:

  • 2.0 GHz dual-core processor.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 8 GB of hard drive space. (This is a hard requirement.)

You can run Remix OS on a much weaker system, although with performance penalties. Even so, my 1 GHz AMD Kabini system runs every single app that I’ve tried with speed and fluidity. Here’s a shot of a Remix-based carputer that I’ve been working on:

You’ll need the following software and hardware before continuing:

    • This package also contains a tool that installs Remix OS to a flash drive.
  • Remix OS 3.0 32-bit (Download) or 64-bit (Download).
  • GParted (Download, optional).
  • UNetbootin (Download, optional).
  • A torrent client for downloading Remix OS (optional).
  • A second formatted USB drive with at least 512 MB or a CD/DVD (optional).
  • A formatted USB drive with at least 8 GB.
  • A computer to install Remix OS onto.
  • Imaging GParted to a USB or CD/DVD (Optional)

    GParted re-partitions hard drives, and it’s destructive so you’ll lose whatever data inhabits the target drive. Keep in mind that you don’t need GParted to install Remix OS, but it makes the process much easier. If the target hard drive suffers from formatting or partitioning issues, Remix OS won’t function.

  • Now that you were warned, here’s how to deploy GParted to a USB drive:Insert a flash drive (at least 512 MB), DVD, or CD into your computer and run UNetbootin. This file is located inside of the package containing Remix OS. You will need to unzip the package, first. After UNetbootin loads, first check the radio button for Diskimage. Second, click on the box with three dots inside of it and locate your image (which is an ISO file which you must unzip) of GParted. Third,select the flash drive that you’ve just inserted. Fourth, select OK.


Imaging Remix OS 3.0 on a USB Drive or DVD

In the same way you imaged GParted, use Jide’s modified version of UNetboointo to burn the ISO of Remix OS onto a bootable drive. The program resides inside of the same package that contains the ISO file of Remix OS. The file name is “Remix_OS_for_PC_Installation_Tool”.  You can use the steps detailed above. The only difference between GParted and Remix OS is that Remix OS requires a USB drive that’s at least 8 GB. Jide’s official instructions mention that USB 3.0 is required, but since you’ll be installing Remix onto a hard drive, you can ignore that.

After unzipping the file and running the program, first, click on Browse. Second, select USB Drive(not hard drive). Third, select the correct flash drive, if you have multiple USB flash drives inserted. Fourth, and last, click on OK.


Installing Remix OS to a Hard Drive

This step is the most complicated out of all steps in this guide. First, you must boot from the drive with Remix OS installed using the appropriate F-key (normally F12). Second, highlight (but don’t initiate the installation process yet) the option for Resident mode and press E.


You’ll see a list of Linux (or UNIX) commands. Use your keyboard’s directional keys to navigate to the entry "DATA = USB_DRIVE_1" and replace it with "INSTALL=2". It should look like this before you edit the text (unwanted text circled in red):



After editing the text, it should look like this:


Remember that Linux is case-sensitive, so you must adhere to letter casing. After verifying that the correct command has been edited in, press F10. The installation process should begin. Installation and initial boot can take as long as 30 minutes.

Once it finishes, you’ll receive a prompt to install in English or two different dialects of Chinese. You’ll want English, most likely.

Installing the Google Play Store

Remix 3.0 includes the Play Store by default, although getting it working requires activation. If you do not possess internet access, this step won’t work. Fortunately, Remix includes all of the driver support contained in Linux.

The process is simple: double-click on the Play activator from the Remix OS desktop. From there, you’ll enter a guided activation configuration process.



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