Ai Fukuhara Targeted In The Latest Leak Of Confidential Medical Documents

Ai Fukuhara is bronze medalist athlete in Women’s table tennis team  among the three Japanese athletes who were targeted in the latest leak of confidential medical documents, a cyber hacker group said Monday.

The World Anti-Doping Agency(WADA) admitted the same day the hacking organization calling itself “Fancy Bears” broke into its database and gained access to drug testing results for 20 athletes from 14 countries, including three from Japan.

Although WADA did not disclose names, the full list of 20 athletes, including Fukuhara, bronze-medalist judoka Masashi Ebinuma and gold-medalist swimmer Rie Kaneto, was posted on the Fancy Bears website.

The data obtained from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games account revealed all three Olympic medalists had been granted physician’s approval to use medications for treatment of legitimate medical conditions in the past.

Last month, Matsumoto, who won bronze in the women’s 57-kg class in Rio, became the first Japanese athlete whose medical information was illegally breached by hackers.

The document shows that Matsumoto had received a Therapeutic Use Exemption to use a drug known as dexamethasone to treat an injury in 2007.

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