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Update Your iPhone To iOS 10.1 Or Your iPhone Can Get Hacked!

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Update your iPhone right now or it can get hacked. Apple’s new iOS 10.1 update patches a security hole that would allow malicious JPEG’s to hack iPhones. The iPhone user would simply have to look at the image not even not download it, according to the statement announced by Apple on Monday.

The incredible flaw (CVE-2016-4673) allows hackers to take over your Apple’s iOS device remotely by just making you view a maliciously-crafted JPEG graphic or PDF file through a website or an email.

Besides this remote code execution flaw, the newest iOS 10.1 includes security updates to address 11 security flaws in the firmware. Those flaws include local code execution vulnerabilities- a remote code execution bug in WebKit (CVE-2016-4677), a flaw in contacts (CVE-2016-4686) that would allow an application to pull Address Book details even when access has been revoked.

According to Apple any iPhone 5 or later, a fourth generation iPad or later and 6th generation or later iPod Touches can be hit by this bug. The company hasn’t said which iOS versions were impacted so it is safest to assume that any up until the new update could be vulnerable.

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