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Google Mass Explorer Tool – Free Download

by Unallocated Author

Google Mass Explorer is a free automated robot for google search engine. It helps to make a google search, and parse the vulnerable targets result for a specific exploit you define.


Simple Explanation of the tool:

  1. Makes a google search
  2. Parse from each page results
  3. Test if each target is vulnerable for a specific exploit




  • Python 3 and above
  • Selenium


How to install and run:


Make a search with google bot:

python google_explorer.py --browser='chrome' --dork='site:gob.ve inurl:index.php' --location="Venezuela"

Run the exploit parsers to check if results can or not be vulnerable:

cd xpl_parsers

python joomla_cve_2015_8562.py

Run the exploiter.py (if the original exploit is runned by command line – READ THE EXPLOIT):

cd exploits

python exploiter.py --file



google_explorer.py --dork=<arg> --browser=<arg> [--exploit_parser=<arg>]

google_explorer.py --help
google_explorer.py --version


-h --help                                Open help menu
-v --version                             Show version

Required options:

--dork='google dork'                     your favorite g00gle dork :)
--browser='browser'                      chrome

Optional options:

--language='page language'               Portuguese

--location='server location'             Brazil

--last_update='page last update'         anytime
                                         past 24 hours
                                         past week
                                         past month
                                         past year

--google_domain='google domain'          google domain to use on search.
                                         Ex: google.co.uk


Note: When the bot is making searches for targets you might see captcha from google, and using Selenium, you can type the captcha when it is displayed and the robot keeps running with no problem.

Download now: Google Mass Explorer 


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