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Samsung is Planning to make a Foldable Smartphone soon

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Even in the times of conventional single screened smart phones, we still get to see how Samsung still makes smart flip phones. The company every year sure does a number a models, but not to forget it also has flip phone that operates on Android.

As if now looks like, Samsung is looking up to a new way of making phones that flip, by pairing two set of displays that face back to back. Samsung is looking out for a new patent that will help improve the effort of utilizing two displays on its future smart phones.

Looking at the concept images of the patent, which looks very much like a flip phone, this handset might be a propelled foldable display. It will come deployed by a hinge specially built for the device that will allow the screen to be completely upright and can be folded as well so that you don’t fell clunky as you do while placing the large screen phones in your pockets or bag.

This not for the first time we are hearing something like this from Samsung, since the company had officially revealed that it was working on foldable phone technology, which was also codenamed as Project Valley. Considering what Samsung has been doing in the design aspects of its phones from last two years, rumours point out that the company might unveil as foldable screen phone by next year.

Samsung had as it is showcased its foldable displays technology at an event in CES, way back in 2013 followed by a curved screen phone that we see till now on its flagship models like the Galaxy edge series and recent Note series.

There sure is a huge distinction if you were to compare a bendable technology in comparison to curved displays, but innovative experiments like this sure can make our future products a lot more distinct and interesting.

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