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Hackers Steal Sensitive Information From Canadian Casino

by Unallocated Author

Over a decade’s worth of sensitive information were stolen by hackers from a major casino resort called “Rama” (based in Canada) after gaining access to it’s computer networks. The information includes payroll data and social insurance numbers.

According to the company the cyber attack resulted in the potential loss of financial reports, security documents, emails, credit enquiries, debt information, vendor listings, employee contracts, payroll data, social insurance numbers and dates of birth.

Casino Rama Hotel is known for hosting events like musical concerts, boxing etc and have more than 3 million visitors a year. It is still unclear how their computer systems were accessed. However no casino games were affected in the suspected cyber attack. “The situation at Casino Rama Resort did not affect games on the casino floor”. “Game performance and set-up are independent of other Casino Rama Resort networks”, according to a statement from the Casino.

It is expected that the hackers will leak the data online or demand a ransom which is the most common and widely used method by hackers to earn big money.

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