Best Youtube Channels to Learn Robotic Engineering and Programming

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Youtube has become a huge source for informative educational content. There are a lot of channels that focus on teaching youngsters for free rather. If you are an electronics student, finding interesting courses can be a bit difficult compared to programming, to which a large number of sources are available.

Today, in this list we cover some of those good Youtube channels you can refer to learn Robotic Engineering and Programming.

Note: The following list of YouTube channels are useful for those who already have knowledge in programming, especially Python. Otherwise, I would recommend you to first check out some YouTube channels for learning to program, in general, and Python, in particular.

Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is basically a small computer (smaller than your phone) that can be hooked up to different components and be programmed to do a number of wonderful things. Through this channel you can learn to build and program your very own robot using Raspberry Pi with the help of comprehensive instructions.

Raspberry Pi Robotics Series

This YouTube channel delves deeper into programming using Python specifically for robotics. The channel is geared towards those who have no prior knowledge of programming whatsoever. It revolves around the basic theories and logic behind programming and how you can use it to build a robot.


Once you are done with the above mentioned courses, you can go through the below ones.

Electronics Engineering Video Blog

EEVblog is built for beginners, professionals, and hobbyists in robotic engineering. Dave Jones, the owner and host of the blog wants people to know the beauty of tinkering with electronics and… sometimes blowing things up.

Even if you want to casually learn about electronics engineering, EEVblog is the best channel to subscribe to. It will introduce you to different kinds of electronics and what they are used for, testing and debunking myths, hacking electronic products etc.

Introduction to Robotics and Electronics

Here is another playlist that aims to introduce people to robotics and electronics. I actually learned much of Python from this YouTube channel. The instructor, Bucky Roberts, gives a great introduction on how robotics and electronics work hand in hand, and how you can get started.


If you already know the fundamentals of electronics and want to just jump right into building a robot, then Botyard’s 5-part video series is perfect for you. Unlike the previous channels, this is series of advanced demonstrations on how a simple R2-D2 like robot is built.

SparkFun Electronics

Here is another fun channel to learn how to engineer robots and program them to do actual work. In case you haven’t familiarized yourself with Raspberry Pi just yet, it’s time to dust off the attic with their Getting Started with Raspberry Pi playlist where you will learn how to use Raspberry Pi to build a tweeting weather station.

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