How To Add Recycle Bin To Your Android Smartphone

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One of the plus points of using a PC is that you can retrace your deleted data back from the recycle bin. But when it comes to smartphones, once a file is deleted, its gone forever. That is the moment we wish we have recycle bin like feature in our Android smartphone too.

Here in today’s article, we will tell you how you can get recycle bin features in your smartphone.

Use Dumpster to Restore Photos & Videos:

For this purpose, you can use Dumpster. It works just like recycle bin on your windows or mac PC. The recovery ability of Dumpster is perfect complementary cloud for backup tools (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive). It completely eliminates the need to constantly backup all your data. Dumpster also gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted data including vids, images, pdf, audio, mp3, mp4, zip, doc, ppt, Avi, jpg, mpg, rar and all common file types.

You can find this application in Google Play store and download it to have a Recycle Bin on your mobile.You can choose to backup your data from the cloud and recover all your videos and photos online. This helps a lot in freeing up the memory on your device. Your data is saved safely and you can easily restore it with just one click.

How to Use Dumpster?

1. First, download and install the application on your Android smartphone.

2. If you are launching the app for the first time, you will see a welcome page with an agreement on your screen. Click on agree and proceed to further steps.

3. Once you are done with it, browse the media files that you want to store in the app which got deleted from your storage.

4. Preview the deleted media from the Dumpster.


5. You can keep Your items organised in folders.

6. You can also schedule to automatically delete old items.

7. For increased privacy, you can restrict access with a lock-screen.

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