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Two Men Arrested For Drug Dealing On Dark Web

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We all know that the Dark Web has become a source for malicious activities and crimes. Drug trading is an evil act by all means and it is often conducted via the Dark Web, as the chances of preventing detection by law enforcement are quite high. However, in the case of 34-year old Richard Charles Patrick Sinclair and a 26-year old guy Kyle James Hall the story is a bit different.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the duo was involved in a drug trade on the Dark Web. Sinclair, living in Cranagh Road, Coleraine, Co Londonderry UK, ran this trade from his grandmother’s house while the Hall from Chamberlain Street, east Belfast, followed the scheme from his home.

It must also be noted that there is another co-accused, a 29-year old Stephen Rodgers from Glynn Park Close, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. As his involvement in the crime was noticed as “pasty” in nature by the court, he received the sentence of 240 hours of community service. The Irish Times reported that Rodgers was accused of supplying Class-C, Class-B, and Class-A, drugs as well as converting criminal property. Sinclair has received 7 year jail time whereas Hall has been given 5 years sentence. The sentence was passed by Justice Geoffrey Miller QC.

According to documents filed in the court by the law enforcement authorities, Sinclair bought drugs from Holland and distributed it via the Dark Web where he received payment in bitcoin and delivered the drugs to customers by hiding them inside DVD covers. He was charged with numerous offences including possession of Class-A drug with intention of supply and importing Class-A drug.

Police obtained search warrants in August 2016 and searched Sinclair’s home where he was staying with his grandmother and using one of the rooms in the house to carry out the drug trade. The police found him inside the bedroom trying to destroy “evidence” from his computer. From his home, detectives discovered 5 sealed packages bearing names and addresses of Sinclair’s customers. The packages were already stamped and ready for postage. Three of them were full of DVD covers all filled with MDMA powder while two packages contained £1,500 in total and were sent by Hall.

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