Wfuzz – A Web Application Password Cracking Tool

We often see web applications that have a password column in them. To crack those passwords, there are many tools available for us.Wfuzz is one such web application password cracker wich also comes with a lot of great features. Its features include header brute-forcing, post data brute-forcing, URL encoding, coloured output, multi-threading, cookie fuzzing, SOCK support, multiple proxy support, baseline support, authentication support, and more.

Moreover, it offers multiple Injection points capability with recursion (when doing directory brute-force) with multiple dictionaries and the HEAD scan (faster resource discovery) feature.

Wfuzz also allows you to define as many encoders as you want for each of your payloads independently. It also allows you to combine the payloads in different ways by specifying various iterators.

                                                                       DOWNLOAD LINK
Thanks to effecthacking, where we found about this tool.

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