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JavaScript Apps Get Anti-Tampering Protection for Safer Devices

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All the JavaScript apps are now a lot safer thanks to the new technology from the Arxan Technologies that protects the apps from being tampered.

“The patented technology of Arxan turns applications into a self-defending and tamper-proof app. For Javascript, once processed by the solution set we developed, your JS code will no longer be readable to tools or hackers, but, more important is that, we have intelligent guards that will define code at runtime while it is running inside the user’s browser,” CTO of Arxan, Sam Rehman told the Softpedia.

This Arxan Application Protection for the JavaScript provides security to all JavaScript-based apps, including Android apps and hybrid iOS, as well as the web pages. This will help the brands to protect their image and the finances, as well as to prevent IP theft and compliance risk.

Rusty Carter, VP of Product Management said, “We have developed a solution which empowers our customers and take the advantage of JavaScript without actually sacrificing security, making their apps self-protecting and also resilient against the reverse-engineering and code tampering, while not giving up on protecting sensitive data, cryptographic keys, and the communication with the server APIs,” said .

While it is clear that this type of technology has many advantages for the companies, we wanted to know what are the benefits to end-users.

Sam Rehman told that people trust their mobile devices more than they trust their laptops and desktops and that, as of 2015, adults have spent, on average, more time on mobile devices than any other type of device.

As more people trust their mobile devices, the need for protecting the apps, data, and keys on their devices increases. “Arxan turns applications into secure and self-protecting applications. For end-users, that means more secure mobile transactions, whether it’s mobile banking or mobile commerce. Also, your credentials and sensitive data are also protected, so you can safely use your devices, for example, to manage any sensitive and private data,” Rehman says.

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