Millions of Accounts from Hacked Bitcoin Forums Being Sold on Dark Web

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One of the popular Dark Web vendors named “DoubleFlag” is found selling databases from eleven Bitcoin forums on the dark web marketplace. These databases are stolen from 2011 to 2017 from various widely visited forums which provide the information about Bitcoin trading mining.

The total data stolen from these forums is contains 12,000,000 accounts including 536,727 accounts from which has suffered a data breach back in January 2017, 514,409 accounts from the forum which was hacked back in May 2015, 568,357 stolen from the in October 2014, 21,439 accounts from the which was hacked back in January 2014, 21,439 accounts from the which was also hacked back in January 2014.

1,780 accounts stolen back in March 2014, 3,153 which was breached back in September 2014, 61,011 stolen back in June 2011,  28,298 accounts stolen back in January 2014, 34,513 from the, 10,855,376 BitcoinSec from 2014 breach and also 3,149 accounts from (breach date unknown).

Most of these accounts contain an email address, username, personal text number, date of birth, gender, website title and the URL, the location and the password. In some cases, passwords are decrypted while in some they are using SHA1 hash which is easy to decrypt.

The price set for this data is USD 400 (BTC 0.3817)


It must be noted that and are two of the most important bitcoin related platforms having their data sold on the dark web since 2016 by several other vendors. However, we are not sure about rest of the platforms. Either way, if you have an account on any of the forums mentioned above change your password asap. Also, some of the forums discussed aren’t active anymore; therefore, the relevance of their data is out of the question.

Previously, DoubleFlag was selling millions of “U.S. Cellular” customers data and 1 billion accounts stolen from Chinese Internet Giants. His feedback ratings have been positive throughout which means the vendor has been selling legit data to buyers.

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