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After ɢoogle.com now it’s WhatsApp , “шһатѕарр.com” to drawing users to install adware

by Harikrishna Mekala

WhatsAppis one of the most popular chat messaging applications in the world and this is probably why a new adware uses the app’s name as a decoy to fool users into installing unwanted browser extensions and suggesting it to their friends as well. If you come across a website that offers you WhatsApp in different colours, you might want to read on.

It all starts with use of a fake URL as instead of directing users to WhatsApp’s official website, the adware directs users to a different domain, which makes use of characters from Cyrillic alphabet, as pointed out in a reports by The Next Web

A Domain link шһатѕарр.com is redirecting the user from actual WhatsApp to a Third party site which installs adware in your systems

User gets the message saying whatsapp is now available with different color ” I love the new colors for whatsapp http://шһатѕарр.com/?colors ”

When you click the fake whatsapp.com url in mobiles, the user is made to share the link to multiple groups for human verifications.

once your done sharing you are made to install adware app

after you have installed the adware the website says the whatsapp color is available only in whatsapp web and makes you install an extensions.

fake whatsapp extention : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/blackwhats/apkecfhccjhdmicfliebkdekbkoioiaj

these fake sites and spam message are always circulated in whatsapp.

The websites reportedly asks users to share its link with their friends for verifications. On sharing, your friends receive a message that says “I love the new colours for whatsapp” along with the URL of the fake websites, as per the report. After doing this, users are made to install adware app and then informed that the WhatsApp colours can only be accessed on WhatsApp Web content and that they need to install an extension called ‘BlackWhats’. As this extension was available on Chrome Web Stores, you might not get much suspicious and install it as well. Thankfully, Google has since removed the extension from the store.

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