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Netgear router firmware contains a remote data collection feature

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Do you have NightHawk R7000 Netgear router?

Netgear released a new firmware update last week for the wireless router model NightHawk R7000. Security experts found that it included a remote data collection feature that collects router’s analytics data and sends it to the vendor (company’s server).

The new release of the firmware that issued by the company gathers the following information from the devices:

– IP address
– MAC addresses
– Serial number
– Total number of devices connected to the router
– Router’s running status
– Types of connections
– LAN/WAN status
– Wi-Fi bands and channels
– Technical details about the use and functioning of the router and the WiFi network.

Netgear said that it is collecting the data to isolate and debug common technical issues, develop router features and functionality, and improve the performance and usability of the routers.

You can disable the feature by following the instructions published by Netgear:

– Enter http://www.routerlogin.net from your browser.
– Enter the router username and password.
– Select ADVANCED > Administration > Router Update.
– Scroll down to the Router Analytics Data Collection section.
– To disable router analytics data collections, choose the Disable radio button.
– To view the type of data that might be collected, click the router analytics data link.
– Press the Apply button.

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