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Information Gathering: DirBuster tool

by Unallocated Author

DirBuster is a file/directory brute-forcer. It’s written in Java and programmed by OWASP members. It’s a Graphical user interface application. DirBuster is able to brute-force targets at crazy speeds.

The GUI of DirBuster tool is easy to use as it gives many options for brute-forcing. It can go up to 100 threads which are so fast.

It also comes with a collection of wordlists for different uses and situations. you can make your own wordlist to brute force a specific target.



Below is an example of the files and directories that were successfully discovered by the tool.

Dirbuster working
It found out some directories and files and although there a few fake positives, not all results are incorrect. You should take care when using this tool because it generates a lot of traffic which can simply slow down small websites, so the threads must be correctly set to avoid taking down the target. DirBuster gives a lot of fake positives as well, so for every file or directory it tries to brute force, we have to manually go through and check them.

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