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Information on Canada’s Annual Hackfest Is Circling the Web

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Though completely legal in its pretense, Canada’s annual event dubbed “Hackfest” is the perfect gateway for potential abuse of information. Despite this, the event is still widely anticipated by both locals and foreigners. The information discussed at Hackfest might be dangerous if shared with the wrong person, but that doesn’t stop the event from achieving crippling success.

The two-day event is home to 800+ people – including (ethical and non-ethical) hackers, IT professionals, security experts, and technology enthusiasts. While the first day is catered towards the general public, the second day is targeted more for professionals and fanatics. The event is scheduled for November 3-4, 2017.

This year’s Hackfest will be welcoming its customary instructional presentation in the morning, followed by a game of “Capture The Flags (CTF)” in the evening.

The unique and strategic hacktivity is described on Hackfest’s official website,

 “Each year a special element that is not found anywhere else is part of our CTF. It could be a model with environment similar to the SCADA, a reactor, games of Red VS Blue or other!”

The website also goes on to explain:

“Both nights let participants measure their security and hacking skills in a unique CTF (Capture The Flag). The whole evening is accompanied by a lockpicking contest, DJ atmosphere, workshops, evening conferences, live podcast recording and more.”

In addition to the anticipated two-day conference, Hackfest also offers training on the three days leading up to the event. They also offer elective monthly meetings otherwise labeled as “HackerSpace”.  The monthly meetings are held on every fourth Thursday in Quebec City. Hackfest describes the meetings as a technical workshop of sorts,

“An hour or two hours presentation with or without demo followed by a dinner and a beer with the Hackfest team.”

There’s no doubt that this annual event creates overwhelming exposure. At the same time, easily accessible knowledge on hacking related subjects might be the safest way to avoid cyber-attacks.

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