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The Truth About Red Rooms: Once and for All…or Not

by Unallocated Author

It’s not unusual for red room scams to pop up over the surface of the dark web. You can find the cliché countdown. Sometimes you can find a detailed page including the Bitcoin price, viewing options, and other clandestine details.

In the midst of the red room mythology lays the elaborate hoax: the shadow web. Other names/means of accessing the shadow web include – maybe you’ve heard of them – Marianas Web, Closed Shell Systems, quantum computers, etc.

It’s safe to say that the biggest influence in dark web mythology is the overused saying: knowledge is free. Due to an overwhelming curiosity or thirst for knowledge, many users end up taking the overused saying a bit too seriously. They forget that just because knowledge is free does not necessarily mean it’s factual . . . or holds any ground whatsoever.

In the past week, two new scams have popped up on the dark web. One is claiming to be a red room; most likely an old scam with a new domain. The other is a website claiming to give you access to the “shadow web” for a “small” Bitcoin fee.

Although no proof has ever been submitted in favor of red room existence, several computer enthusiasts speculate on the overall possibility. In their research, they conclude that red rooms are impossible to host on browsers such as Tor. On the other hand, the possibility is still out there.

The difference between the actual probability of a red room and the overblown internet hype is that, realistically, there is no profit. The only thing a red room might be “good” for is connecting sick individuals looking to cure their boredom via live streamed torture.

In conclusion, the biggest thing to remember when doing your own research on red rooms is to NEVER listen to anyone claiming to have information for a price. This should be commonsense – you would think – but still hundreds of users are being scammed on a monthly basis.

The fact of the matter is: 99% of the time you do not find the people . . . they find you.

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