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Karmic Justice Hack-Back Scheme Helps Troubled (and Paying) Users

by Unallocated Author

The dark web is home to many things. This is nothing new. From red room scams to legit credit card dumps, the pit of the internet can be a dangerous . . . and enticing place. While there are websites on the dark web that exist solely to spread malicious intent, there are just as many that should be taken seriously in their legitimacy.

For example, users had to find out the hard way that the Satan ransomware website was (and still is) real. Just recently, online users also had to discover the hard way that a karmic justice hack-back scheme is available in the form of bitcoin services on the dark web.

Equipped with their simple name – “Hack Group” – the website is quick to introduce the variety of different options they have to offer. Whether it’s locating an attacker’s personal information or finding out if you’ve been hacked in general, the hidden hackerspace offers that and more.

The karmic justice hack-back scheme is popular – just look at the recent revenge hacking bill proposal. At the same time, this particular website offers more . . . not so ethical services.

The list includes:
  • Hacking (find out if you’ve been hacked)
  • Social Media Threats (get back hacked social media)
  • Computer Spying and Surveillance (install spyware on cell/computer)
  • Remove A Link (remove mug shot, blog/Google link, etc.)
  • Locate Missing People (reconnect with family/friends)
  • Background Checks
  • SSN Trace
  • Online Dating Scams (when you’re scammed by an online lover)
  • Cyber bully – Cyber Stalked (get back at cyber stalker)
  • Computer Security Training
  • Cyber Extortion (your ex is threatening to post nudes…)
  • Relationships (find out anything you want to know)
  • Tracking (stolen computer, phone, etc.)
  • Passwords
  • Cyber Fraud

While not all of these services have been confirmed, several reddit users have shared their experience using (or being “victim” to) several of the offered amenities. There is always the chance that the users are full of bullshit. However, in this day and age . . . do we really want to take the chance?

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