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The (Hypothetical) Key to a Successful Classified Data Leak

by Unallocated Author

We probably don’t have to discuss the obvious here: most classified documents that are leaked are done so under illegal circumstances.

With that out of the way, learning how to successfully leak a document can be beneficial. Who knows when you’ll need to utilize the resources involved? First things first . . .

Unfiltered Leaks = No

When you’re releasing your data leak, you want to make sure it’s safe. This means you want to avoid any information that could give either your identity away or an innocent person’s identity away. There are specific tools (listed below) that can make your life easier during this step.

Important Information Seclusion

No one wants to spend two hours sifting through a 50 page document with only 2 pages of useful information. If you want your leak to be a success, you need to orchestrate it as such. Go through the data and take out unnecessary material.

Proper Websites

The most significant part of any leak is finding the perfect place for your information. Depending on the contents, you might find the data more relevant on a dark web forum like Intel Exchange or a public website like WikiLeaks.

After a little bit of research, your options will narrow and your choice will become clear. From that point on, it’s smooth sailing.

Beneficial Tools

Every tool has its use in the world of hacking. Leaking classified data is no exception; the tools available are full of potential. If you find yourself in the business, consider utilizing the following utensils:

  • Adobe Reader: use during filtering/cleaning process (PDF metadata, links, photos, etc.)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: useful for conversion
  • PDFtk: general PDF toolkit
  • Adobe Audition: editing/mixing/restoring audio and building effects
  • GoldWave: modifying/cleaning MP3 files
  • Disk and Data Sanitization Policy and Guidelines: professional tutorials/information via Stanford
  • NSA Redaction: securing files the NSA way

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