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WikiLeaks Is Just the Beginning in Leaked Document Databases

by Unallocated Author

If you spend a lot of time scavenging the internet for secrets, you are probably no stranger to the online database WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has dabbled in a variety of leaks, from the infamous Hillary Clinton emails to the Iraq Apache helicopter attack footage.

Despite the sensitive information on this particular database, WikiLeaks does cater more towards political scandals and government spectacles. However, the popularity surrounding the online database does put a shadow over the other databases that are lurking out there.

In fact, you can find an alarming amount of leaked document databases on the dark web. The terrifying thing about these data bases – they aren’t all political documents or government secrets.

Some of the databases hold harmful information like bank accounts, social media accounts and emails, and even classified contact information for NSA employees.

For example, an old catalog of leaked information still exists on the dark web under the name “P0isoN Database”. The website is a single page of uploads, including bank leaks, personal information of supposed pedophiles/rapists, and hacked Facebook accounts.

Although the database is several years old, some of the information on it held truth in the beginning. One of the options (shown in the picture above) is a PDF of “nsa employee info”.

In that document, one of the contacts is listed:

  • Charles Alsup B.S., M.S.
  • VP of Policy
  • INSA
  • 901 North Stuart Steet
  • Suite 205
  • Arlington , VA 22203
  • Phone: (703) 509-6405
  • Fax: (703) 224-4681
  • Email: [email protected]

Don’t get too excited – the (old) information might be true but it’s also public. However, upon first upload the information was current and inaccessible. P0isoN database is one outdated example of online databases that lurk in the virtual world. WikiLeaks is nothing.

There are hazardous, active databases that have more dangerous information to offer than political vengeance and conspiracy theories. One can only hope that they continue to be hidden from view.

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