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Threats from Phishing

by Unallocated Author

There are two main threats that you truly require to give attention to when dealing with phishing: The lack of personal information and corporate information that can be gathered from you or your employees through phishing schemes can be beyond damaging.

There is another threat, but this one runs in line with malicious websites. These threats don’t appear to be much at the beginning, a fake setup that seems official to fool victims into submitting information—however, those who do fall for the schemes always lose more than the few minutes it needed to fill out the form.

Simply imagine this, you just wasted 10 to 15 minutes filling out a form that asked you for your data (such as identification, banking, health, work, corporate, and so on). It didn’t take you anywhere but a submit link (which is the final submit button found on standard web forms), and now all of that data is floating on the internet and in the hands of many entities whose purpose is to use that data for many uses, none of which are in your best interests.

Sometimes just clicking buttons on a malicious website is all the permission a computer requires to start loading malware in the background while you are filling out a form or waiting for the submittal process to complete.

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