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Autonomous Weapons are going nowhere said by Sir Richard Barrons

by Harikrishna Mekala

In a proposal to ban autonomous killing robots, Sir Richard, who directed the UK’s Joint Forces Command until last time, told the news that any call to the use of such weaponry is expected to be ridiculed, by nations allowing the pressure to expand these technologies for war.

Sir Richard said Britain would never more opt for fully-independent capabilities, but wrote: “If you ask other individuals around the world, they don’t have the equivalent value struggle”. He repeated the fact that forward, lethal weapon systems with no man at the circle will turn up one way or the other.

And the cause for this? Performance development, affordability and the capacity to save human life, according to the retired superior officer. “Why would you assign a 19-year-old with a rifle into a house first to see if anything is in there if you could send a robot and there are many, many many cases in the land and marine environments”.

Pinpointing the failure to stop nuclear warfare, Sir Richard also said: “The global experience of having laws which then expect that stuff doesn’t increase isn’t terrific.”

Last week, more 100 technology intellectuals, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Mustafa Suleyman, Head of Applied AI at Google DeepMind, wrote a clear letter to the United Nations, asking for a ban on the use artificial-intelligence implemented weapon systems automated flying drones, shielded vehicles and submarines.

“Deadly autonomous weapons threaten to grow the third revolution in warfare,” the letter read. “Once grown, they will allow armed conflict to be fought on a scale larger than ever, and at time scales quicker than humans can comprehend.

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