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How to be safe from Android malwares?

by Unallocated Author

Google Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. It’s considered an open OS, which basically means that smartphone companies are free to change it to work in any way they need, and anyone can publish apps for it.

As an end user, it is important to be careful while using Android devices. Android malwares that can create big damage can be simply built with little Android programming experience.

Here are some general suggestions for end users to be safe from Android malwares:

• Always install applications from official market places (Play Store).
• Do not foolishly accept permissions asked by the Applications.
• Be careful when apps are asking for more permissions than what they really require. For example, a calculator app asking for READ_SMS permission is something suspicious.
• Make sure that you update your devices as soon as there is an update released
• Use an anti-malware application.
• Try not to place too much of sensitive data on the phone.

First and foremost don’t click on dodgy links and always remove anything that seems suspicious. Email hacking is very popular – you may receive an email from a trusted source including a YouTube link with an unusual heading – don’t click on the link and, if your email app enables it, flag the message as spam or junk mail.


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