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Vevo Has Been Hacked by OurMine

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OurMine group have hacked Vevo, which is a video hosting service and published 3.2TB of internal files from Vevo’s internal network.

“OurMine offers companies security against hacking, charging up to $5,000 for a “scan” of their social media accounts, site security holes, and other security vulnerabilities, and advertises its commercial services by breaking into famous accounts.”

The group of hackers (OurMine) said that it published company’s files after one of the Vevo’s employees was rude to an OurMine member on LinkedIn.

The company’s data were published on the hacker group’s website, it contained links to several data, giving 3.12TB of data for download. These links were made publicly accessible several hours ago, but by that time most of the files were removed. Now, most of the download links redirect to a Vevo Box.com login page. A notice on the website stating that the OurMine group “deleted the files because of a request from VEVO.”

Vevo has confirmed the hack and said:
“We can confirm that Vevo experienced a data breach as a result of a phishing scam via Linkedin. We have addressed the issue and are investigating the extent of exposure.”

OurMine has earlier hacked the social media accounts of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek, and many other popular accounts.

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