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16-Year-Old Arrested in Dark Web Drug Bust

by Unallocated Author

Drug trafficking has evolved beyond the usual hand-to-hand methods and made its way into every home via the internet. A 16 year old Augsburg, Germany student is making headlines for his part in the purchasing of large amounts of marijuana, by way of the Darknet. 

Investigators began looking into possible drug trafficking throughout the Freidburg/Augsburg area earlier this year. Subsequently, this investigation led to the discovery of a local student who decided to start buying drugs from the Darknet, also referred to as the Deep Web or Dark Web, to resell for personal profit. 

The student, who is too young to be named publicly, was turning plenty of profit with his drug dealing business, which caught the attention of local authorities. During the course of the investigation, authorities obtained a warrant to search the student’s home for suspected drug activity and they certainly did not come up empty handed. 

Discovered in the home was 360 grams of marijuana, or about half of a kilogram, plus an estimated 6,000 euros. While no other drugs were found in the home, investigators did mention that the student occasionally ordered amphetamines with intent to resell as well. 

While the investigation is continuing, much progress has been made including the arrest of another Augsburg resident for possession of 100 grams of marijuana as well as numerous other consumers. Freidburg authorities plan to incorporate more law enforcement personnel into the investigation in order to track down all involved parties.

Similar operations are being initiated by authorities all over the world as the Darknet and it’s marketplaces continue to gain notoriety by the general public. What was once a relatively unknown topic, the Deep Web and what it has to offer, is quickly becoming common knowledge, in turn, creating more Darknet related crimes. In the future, we can only hope that a serious change starts occurring.

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