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Darknet Fentanyl Dealer Arrested in South Wales

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Authorities in Newport, South Wales are making headway in the fight against dangerous drugs and the criminals that are distributing them when they arrested 25 year old Kyle Enos. Enos has been successfully distributing fentanyl, a very potent, synthetically derived opioid known for it’s highly lethal properties.

Well, successful up until May 2017, of course, which was when law enforcement arrested him. Enos had been operating through various Darknet marketplaces and amassed quite the customer base including buyers from the Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

Since his arrest, Enos fought very little for himself in the Cardiff Crown Court and subsequently plead guilty to all charges including the importing, exporting and supplying of the dangerous drug fentanyl.

Fentanyl is no stranger to making news headlines all over the world and is at the center of a widespread epidemic due to it’s toxic nature. It is known by authorities as a dangerous drug and is responsible for causing it’s users to overdose more often than street heroin since it is 50 times more potent.

Kyle Enos was arrested due to an operation set out to catch dealers of this lethal drug by the National Crime Agency, or NCA, and the Gwent Police Department. Law officials are not backing down in the fight against fentanyl distribution as well as all other drug activities with their main focus being on the Darknet dealers and marketplaces.

Enos has fully admitted to all of his illicit activities including how he originally obtained the drugs from China where he proceeded in repackaging the fentanyl and putting it up for sale on several Darknet marketplaces. He has yet to be sentenced so his criminal fate is still pretty much unknown. It is suggested the courts may be lenient due to his immediate cooperation in the matter.

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