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Kaspersky wants to rebuild trust by opening code to 3rd-party review

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Russia-based Antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab has started a “global transparency initiative” in an attempt to win back trust by allowing independent third-party review of its source code and internal processes to win back the trust of customers and infosec community.

The company wants to dispell reports that its software is being used as a backdoor into users’ machines, Kaspersky Labs said today it would subject its security products to an independent third-party source code review.

The transparency initiative process will start in the first quarter of 2018. Kaspersky is currently looking for a trusted third-party to review the source code.

According to Kaspersky Lab founder, Eugene Kaspersky:
“We need to reestablish trust in relationships between companies, governments and citizens. That’s why we’re launching this Global Transparency Initiative: we want to show how we’re completely open and transparent. We’ve nothing to hide. And I believe that with these actions we’ll be able to overcome mistrust and support our commitment to protecting people in any country on our planet.

The company also intends to open three “transparency centers” in US, Asia, and the Europe, where corporations and governments will be able to reach the source code review results in a safe environment.

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