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Samsung wants to run the Entire Linux on Galaxy on a Single App

by Harikrishna Mekala

You apparently don’t have a good reason to use it rather of a PC. And Samsung is trying to fix that. It’s revealing Linux on Galaxy, an app-based offering that lets you run Linux distributions on your phone. Apparently, it’s aimed at developers who want to make their work environment with them wherever they go. You could dock at a foreign office knowing that your setup will be the same as usual.

It’s not quite the same as your regular Ubuntu or Debian install. Linux on Galaxy launches an app, and it’s using the same similar as for Android itself in order to maintain performance. And it almost goes without saying that you’ll really want a DeX setup since most Linux apps are requiring a large screen, mouse, and keyboard.

As it stands, you’ll have to be calm. Linux on Galaxy isn’t available right now you can sign up for signals, but it’s not ready for public consumption. Even so, this is enough evidence that Samsung thinks of DeX as considerably more than a novelty characteristic. It may be a long, long while before many people are using their phones as desktops, but Samsung is willing to constantly build up its ecosystem and eventually give you an excuse to take a second look.

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